I have over 7 years’ experience in working with children and young people who display sexually problematic and harmful behaviours.  I am currently an Associate with DGF Psychology and conduct all work in this area through this company.  DGF Psychology offers psychological input and consultancy to
children and adults with emotional needs, challenging and offending behaviours, their families, carers, staff and organisations.  We have a strong non aversive, low arousal approach to the management and reduction of behaviours with all client groups.  Our ethos is person centred and holistic and aims to maximise an individual’s potential – individual solutions for individual needs.

Through this role I can offer risks assessments, development and delivery of therapeutic interventions aimed at reducing risk and meeting the complex needs of clients.  In addition consultation, training and supervision for professionals working with complex clients is also available.  Please visit the website for more details on services and costs.