Although the term of engagement only covered 5 sessions, we believe that the course gave some much needed focus and background knowledge on the cause and effects of T’s anxiety.  This has allowed us, as a family, to better grasp the reality of what is happening and bring things into perspective.  The approach of “small steps” and consistency are helping to settle T and importantly make him more comfortable and happy about attending school. 
Carer of T aged 14 years

The work you have done with us as a family has been invaluable and has helped us get our son back.  After being passed around and not being able to find help, on our first phone call you showed more understanding than anyone else we had spoken to.  Your ability to understand and praise what others may see as small things helped us appreciate how difficult and debilitating OCD is and by giving us this understanding we can now help our son. 
Parent of B 15 years old

I appreciate all the things you did for me you have made me more happy and less angry.  You have helped me understand how I feel and how to control myself. You have also helped me understand that I can concur anything as long as I believe in me.
S aged 10 years

When I first met Sarah I used to feel sick and worried at school.  I would cry and go to the medical room.  I didn’t want to go to school, I felt worried my heart would beat fats and my legs would wobble.  Now I feel happy and always excited to go to school and I even have new friends now
A aged 10 years

Thank you Sarah for the work you have done with A.  We have gone from having a worried and anxious little girl to a super confident daughter!  She has definitely learnt about what happens to her body when she is anxious and understands that these are perfectly normal feelings and reactions.  You helped her gain the knowledge to understand why these feelings happen to her and what to do to keep herself calm and work through difficult situations.  Thank you for building her confidence over time and working with us all, as a family, to help us through this stressful time.
Parents A aged 10 years

I couldn’t be more grateful for the tools and knowledge you have given me, you really catered every session around my specific needs and worked with what best suited me.  Completely tailored and person orientated.  You didn’t make me “better” you taught me how to make myself better, something that I can and
will use always.  You were very in tune with my fears, worries and struggles and therefore able to challenge me in ways I possibly would’t have chosen to challenge myself. I think the involvement of my parents was so important and beneficial and made far better with you guiding the conversations
C aged 19 years